Inspiration Shot: Inspired Beginnings (a poem)

A newborn babe
just brings you back to basics,
simply to the source
of Nature’s course
in love and care,
where tiny toes trip up your heart
and make you start living
and stop tripping
over puffed up passions and prickly pride.
A wondrous ride
through newborn eyes
sets purpose straight
and perfect plans defies.

SandyInspired comments: My sister recently gave birth to the most beautiful boy I have ever seen and held (of course, I’m completely biased). His tiny body and every new expression across his perfect face are miracles that I could sit and watch all day. There’s something about meeting a newborn human who behaves almost entirely out of instinct that makes you stop and think about what you waste your time stressing over. Yes, bills must be paid and responsibilities performed, but let’s not miss a moment of life unfolding all around us. Let babies, the start of a new day, a blank page, a cup of coffee–any new beginning–inspire you!


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