Inspired Poem: Auntie’s Joy

I have the privilege of babysitting my six-month-old nephew two days a week, and our time together is so precious. He makes me laugh all day long!
Dimpled knuckles knock me flat,
splat on heart bursting, boastful backside.
Pride and awe,
and adoration absolute.
They choke me up,
those chubby cheeks.
Too frickin’ cute!
Your toothless grin is pure joy.
Your button chin, oh baby boy.
It’s bliss!
I kiss and sniff your downy hair,
I curl you up with cozy care.
Your sleepy head rubs and wriggles on my shoulder.
Squirmy soft, you wiggle, while I whisper you to slumber.
Auntie loves you more than words,
but words can weave our family tale
til you are big and tall,
and someday maybe you will learn to tell it all

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