Inspired Reading: Tuesday Night Cafe on May 15th!

I will be performing some of my poetry at an awesome community open mic space in Little Tokyo called Tuesday Night Cafe on Tuesday, May 15th.  Please come out and support the artists, if you’re free!


Tuesday Night Project presents:

The 1st & 3rd Tuesday Night Cafe
May 15, 2012

Hosted by: Johneric Concordia

Guest DJ: Sessions LA DJs


– Dan Kwong

– Sandy Phan

– PK


– Visual Communications (presenting a special selection of short films from past LA Asian Pacific Film Festivals)

– Goh Nakamura

Featured Live Artist:
Collin Tateishi

Featured Vendor:
Cha Cha Covers

Featured Organization:
Little Tokyo Service Center

Open Mic sign-ups at 6:45pm

Live broadcast begins at 7:30 PM at:


Parking is available across the street at the Aiso Street Parking Lot!
$3 Flat Rate after 5pm


Join us at the official afterparty:

MidTones at Nirvana Bar


For more info:


Inspired Poem: Magnitude

gray of hornet’s nest

sky and scattered rest

stress scale spikes

like fault line friction

fraying edges

of life’s fiction

trembling toward truth

Inspired Poem: Time

finite and fickle
foiling plans every…
never enough
always trading priceless moments
for tracked and tendered hours
powerless to push back hands
ticking, testing
no room for resting
calendar of commitments
stealing seconds from sacred vows
and fleeting nows

tired and undone

Inspired Poem: Answer Key

What if life came with an answer key
organized by lessons learned
laid out in careful columns
neat and narrow
fathoms deep?
Would we weep
in ragged relief?
Would we rail
at having answers ready,
referenced, and revered?
Would we hasten to solve and complete,
then check to prove ourselves correct?
Would we peek to sneak results
without effort,
free of risk?
Let us see!
Just flip forward to the end,
and greet what wisdom there awaits.
I skim my finger down the page,
pinpoint lesson number mine,
mounting tension, ball of need.
I read:
“Answers will vary.”

Inspired Poem: Spring Day

Here’s a poem inspired by a tandem biking trip with my husband and dog. We rode from Manhattan Beach up to Venice Beach, and back.
spinning in tandem
trailing through sand
sea breeze soft
upon my cheeks
puppy’s head
warm at my hip
peeking out
at sun-warmed bodies
on the beach
Venice street art and pizza peddlers
Mary Jane and two-headed turtles
i scratch his back
and he shares his crispy fries
the ones i like best
a perfect way
to spend a spring day

Inspired Reading: Lies Beneath

Lies Beneath (Lies Beneath #1)Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

YA literature seems to be rife with sexy, reluctant monsters that tempt and test our teen heroines. Vampires and werewolves abound. And now, there are mermen. Lies Beneath is told from the perspective of Calder White, a gorgeous merman, whose survival requires murder and manipulation. But Calder longs to be human, and even falls in love with one.

Calder has three stunning siren sisters, and together they plan to exact vengeance on Jason Hancock, whom they blame for their mother’s death. Calder ingratiates himself with the Hancock family by getting close to Jason’s daughters. But he isn’t prepared when Lily, the older Hancock sister, seems immune to his seduction and subtle powers of mind control.

In Calder and Lily, Anne Greenwood Brown builds two complex and strong-willed characters. Although humans adore him, Calder is acutely aware of the fact that he’s a monster. He envies humans their joy and vibrant emotions, and resists his instinct to kill. But he can’t resist Lily, a girl who baffles him with her quirky clothes, penchant for Victorian poetry, and tolerance for cold—especially when he, a merman, can’t stand the cold. And despite her suspicions that Calder is more than he seems, Lily is drawn to him. She helps Calder believe that he can aspire towards something beyond his bleak, predatory existence. As Calder struggles with his growing feelings for Lily, he must decide where his loyalties lie, before his sisters take matters into their own hands.

Lies Beneath is a compelling read. Audiences of all ages can relate to Calder’s constant feeling of otherness, of not belonging, even amidst his own family. They will root for him as he learns the truth about himself and his family, discovers love, and shapes his own nature and destiny.

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Inspired Poem: Auntie’s Joy

I have the privilege of babysitting my six-month-old nephew two days a week, and our time together is so precious. He makes me laugh all day long!
Dimpled knuckles knock me flat,
splat on heart bursting, boastful backside.
Pride and awe,
and adoration absolute.
They choke me up,
those chubby cheeks.
Too frickin’ cute!
Your toothless grin is pure joy.
Your button chin, oh baby boy.
It’s bliss!
I kiss and sniff your downy hair,
I curl you up with cozy care.
Your sleepy head rubs and wriggles on my shoulder.
Squirmy soft, you wiggle, while I whisper you to slumber.
Auntie loves you more than words,
but words can weave our family tale
til you are big and tall,
and someday maybe you will learn to tell it all

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