Inspired Reading: The Fire Horse Girl

The Fire Horse GirlThe Fire Horse Girl by Kay Honeyman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Like her willful title character, Kay Honeyman demands your attention. From page one of The Fire Horse Girl, you are hopelessly hooked and Jade Moon’s story refuses to release you long after you’ve turned the last page.

Jade Moon is not an entirely likable character. She is impulsive and outright hostile. And while her concerns are well-founded, I often wanted to shut her up for her own good. But it is her tenacious commitment to justice and reckless determination that won me over and allowed Jade Moon to forge her own path despite the strict confines of two societies’ rules for her. The young man she falls in love with, Sterling Promise, is equally full of contradictions. Like everything else in her life, this romance is fraught with tension. Sterling Promise elicits intense feelings of both tenderness and distrust in Jade Moon. In 1920s America, Jade Moon risks everything to find her freedom. She makes impossible sacrifices and bulldozes through barriers; but is it enough? Pick up this book and find out!

In The Fire Horse Girl, Honeyman skillfully captures the subtle nuances of Chinese (and Chinese-American) culture in the early twentieth century during an important era in American immigration history. Although Jade Moon was born generations past, her struggle for personal freedom is one that will resonate with many young women and men. Finding your own voice and destiny while bound by what others expect you to be is an eternal quest for most of us.

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