Inspired Event: common ground’s July 5th “Perspectives” show

common ground would like to invite you and everyone you know to our July 5th “Perspectives” show. We’d love to hear your perspective, so please come join us for an evening of music, poetry, spoken word, film, youth awesomeness, and community love.



Vietnamese International Film Festival // community spotlight

DJ nPrevail // guest DJ

Yuki Akaishi // guitar and vocals

Siwaraya Rochanahusdin // poetry

Audrey Kuo // spoken word

Hatefas Yop // youth spotlight


Doors open at 6:30pm
Open Mic sign ups start at 6:30pm and end at 7pm. We have limited open mic space so come early to sign up.
Show starts at 7:30pm.

Questions? Interested in volunteering? Contact us!

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We hope to see you there!


Inspired Poem: Magnitude

gray of hornet’s nest

sky and scattered rest

stress scale spikes

like fault line friction

fraying edges

of life’s fiction

trembling toward truth

Inspired Poem: Time

finite and fickle
foiling plans every…
never enough
always trading priceless moments
for tracked and tendered hours
powerless to push back hands
ticking, testing
no room for resting
calendar of commitments
stealing seconds from sacred vows
and fleeting nows

tired and undone

Inspired Poem: Answer Key

What if life came with an answer key
organized by lessons learned
laid out in careful columns
neat and narrow
fathoms deep?
Would we weep
in ragged relief?
Would we rail
at having answers ready,
referenced, and revered?
Would we hasten to solve and complete,
then check to prove ourselves correct?
Would we peek to sneak results
without effort,
free of risk?
Let us see!
Just flip forward to the end,
and greet what wisdom there awaits.
I skim my finger down the page,
pinpoint lesson number mine,
mounting tension, ball of need.
I read:
“Answers will vary.”

Inspired Poem: Auntie’s Joy

I have the privilege of babysitting my six-month-old nephew two days a week, and our time together is so precious. He makes me laugh all day long!
Dimpled knuckles knock me flat,
splat on heart bursting, boastful backside.
Pride and awe,
and adoration absolute.
They choke me up,
those chubby cheeks.
Too frickin’ cute!
Your toothless grin is pure joy.
Your button chin, oh baby boy.
It’s bliss!
I kiss and sniff your downy hair,
I curl you up with cozy care.
Your sleepy head rubs and wriggles on my shoulder.
Squirmy soft, you wiggle, while I whisper you to slumber.
Auntie loves you more than words,
but words can weave our family tale
til you are big and tall,
and someday maybe you will learn to tell it all